Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So Exciting!

How has your first two weeks of the new year been going for you?

Today's victory: Doing what you love!
So as well all know I'm in school and what not. Well, this month on the 23rd we are doing a fashion show! Yes, I'm part of it. No, not a model. I'm doing color <3 I'm so excited I couldn't even begin to describe what's going through my head. I did some color swatching, some wardrobe planning, and just mentally preparing myself. Even met a couple of models, today. Course some of them are my fellow students, but whatever!
What makes this ten times cooler is coming home to the ones you love. That right there just emphasizes that I am doing the right thing. What an awesome feeling, right?!

You are all awesome, loved, and beautiful!