Saturday, September 3, 2011

What do you call this nonsense? (If I Never See Your Face Again- Rihanna ft. Maroon 5)


The past year and half or so has proven itself extremely difficult. Life's challenges come and go. I understand that. Whoever is upstairs thinks way too highly of me. Then again, I'm quite proud of the challenges I've faced both conquered and lost. I've learned an extremely valuable lesson from them. I don't want to go back and "re-do" my life.

If you haven't been keeping up, I am currently going through a divorce. My husband decided he was interested in someone else. As much as it hurts, I'm glad hes happy. Or at least he claims to be. I feel so much relief. (The Submarines -The Submarines) He did kind of hold me back and I did everything I could to salvage my year and half marriage. I honestly, whole-heartedly wish him the best and that he finds himself on the way.

(Bang- Yeah Yeah Yeahs) Point of this blog is to tell all of you: whats done is done and there is no going back. As hard as it is to let go, its for the best. Best for me. Best for him. Best for everyone around us.

Keep strong.

(Pain -Three Days Grace)
Side note: the random songs thrown in there in the middle is what was playing while writing this. I don't know its a thing I'm researching on myself.