Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kicking myself

So, I've been on this negative tangent lately, and yes it does bother me. So, back to being positive. That's what we are going to discuss today.
Today's Victory: Getting back on track.
So the grunt load of the holidays is finally coming to an end. We've all been busy with house hopping and party attending. Time to take a break, yes? No. In fact, its time to go back to work- until next year. New Years is most definitely coming up. You probably have a new calender or planner and started listing your goals for the next year. That's a good thing. Getting organized is actually the first step to reach balance in your life. I'm one that absolutely can't stand schedules I get bored way too easily. So I change it up a bit. Instead of doing work, school, gym, and everything in between in routine, I take advantage of days off and go to the gym in the morning or take Jason on a wagon ride. It keeps things interesting, but I still get done what needs to be done. Be sure you always set time aside for yourself or you can easily go insane or just stop caring and your off track again.
I took two weeks off of school. I went back just yesterday in fact. I was worried that I was so far behind and that I will never catch up. I just hunkered down and got over half of the work done,and all my assignments will be on time!
Speaking of New Year's resolution:
1: Weight Loss. Yes Like everyone else I have this goal. I don't want to be sickly skinny I just want to be healthy.
2:Be Organized!!! Once again, a challenge for me.
3: Conquer my fear of roller coasters. Silly I know.
4: Save to get out of this house!
5: Learn how to trust and love again.

You are all beautiful, awesome, and loved!

P.S. A friend of mine inspired my tag line... okay, so I kind of stole it from him. I don't think he minds though. Thanks Miles!